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Born in Canada, Mercedes Vandendorpe studied Fine Arts at the Universities of Ottawa and Valencia. She has lived and worked for many years in Valencia.

Her personal vision is inspired by the different figures of the psyche. She is interested in the Jungian vision of the unconscious, leading her to explore concepts such as archetypal images, the Shadow or the Ego. The myths and beliefs of different cultures also enrich her visual universe by their symbols and referential framework.

Since 2009, Vandendorpe has worked with different artistic mediums: painting, poetry, digital art, performance and video. From this spiraling process a symbolic lexicon emerges which is revisited with each new piece of art. Certain symbols develop into particularly fertile matrices, and they become the Ariadne's thread that guides her exploration into the multimedia labyrinth.

    BACCALAUREAT ÈS ARTS: Visual Arts / Communication. UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA. 1992.
    Magna Cum Laude.



Next Exhibitions:

    Sala Kubo-Kutxa Aretoa (Kursal), San Sebastian, October 2014
    Collective exhibition, curator: Carlos Arenas, Imagen Fantástica.


    LA LONJA DEL PESCADO, Alicante. Julio 2013
    CENTRO DEL CARMEN, Valencia Mayo 2013
    Itinerant Collective exhibition organised by Consorcio de Museos de la Comunidad Valenciana.       Curator: Carlos Arenas, Imagen Fantástica.

    CULTURAL CENTER OF LA RAMBLETA, Valencia – Spain. TransOnirico - Multimedia. May 2012. Solo exhibition.

    International Film Festival, DONES EN ART. First price ex-aequo in the Art Video category. October 2011

    RAYLOWSKY Art Gallery, Valencia – Spain. July 2010. Collective exhibition.

    COLLBLANC Art Gallery, Castellon – Spain. Magma & Psyque - Multimedia. May 2010. Solo.

    COLLBLANC Art Gallery, Castellon – Spain. January 2010. Collective exhibition.

    COLLBLANC Art Gallery, Castellon – Spain. July & August 2009. Collective exhibition.

    VIGO INTERNACIONAL ART FESTIVAL– Spain. Third edition, with COLLBLANC Art Gallery, january 2009.

    LIVINGALLERY Art Gallery, Lecce – Italy. Last Paradise. Dicember 2008. Collective exhibition.

    LIVINGALLERY Art Gallery, Lecce – Italy. Aspirin Sprint. June 2008. Collective exhibition.

    Ministry of Culture Awards: Thoughts and propositions for the Arts in Spain. Nominated for her projectArt in     schools, Now! shown in ARCO 08 International Art Fair – Spain.
Ministry of Culture's Stand. February 2008.

    LIVINGALLERY Art Gallery, Lecce – Italy. Eros & Thanatos. December 2007. Collective exhibition.

    FIRENZE INTERNACIONAL ART FESTIVAL – Italy. 5th Edition, December 2005.

    Show Room. Valencia – Spain. November 2003. Solo.

    GALILEO-GALILEY Spanish Art Competition. Finalist. Collective exhibition. June 2003.

    CULTURAL CENTER OF GANDIA – Spain. Graphic works. July 2003. Collective exhibition.

    GENT INTERNACIONAL ART FESTIVAL – Belgium. December 2002.

    POIREL Art Gallery. Nancy – France. 39th Salon d’Art. December 2002.

    GO GALLERY Art Gallery. Amsterdam. July 2002. Collective exhibition.

    THUILLIER Art Gallery. Paris. June 2002. Solo.

    AB ART Art Gallery. Valencia – Spain. December 1997. Solo.

    DEAN Art Gallery. Valencia – Spain. November 1996. Collective exhibition.

    D’ARTS Art Gallery. Valencia – Spain. May 1996. Solo.

    MUSEUM OF AGOST. Alicante – Spain. August 1994. Collective exhibition.

    CULTURAL CENTER OF QUART DE POBLET – Spain. February 1994. Collective exhibition.



Courses & Workshops

    Artist Workshop: GRACIELA CARNEVALE, organised by AVVAC & Visor Art Gallery. Octobre 2012

   Workshop HERRAMIENTAS DEL ARTE imparted by visual artists Rogelio López Cuenca & Daniel Andujar.
    Sponsor: Sala Parpallo. February 2008.

    Workshop CREACIÓN: IDENTIDAD, CONCIENCIA Y TRANSFORMACIÓN imparted by visual artist Susana Vidal.
    Sponsor: Sala Parpallo. April 2007.

    Workshop DEL GRABAR Y LISTO imparted by visual artist Fernando llanos.
    Sponsor: Sala Parpallo. Mars 2007.

    Course of CHALCHOGRAPHIC PRINTING II Fine Art University, Valencia. 2004.

    Course of PRINTING TECHNIQUES, Fine Art University, Valencia. 2003.

    Course of ILLUSTRATION & GRAPHIC DESIGN, Université du Québec à Montréal, UQAM. 1992.