The trilogy of OtroMar - (M)Other Sea started in 2007. The first piece produced was the Artist's Book, which leads the reader on a quest into the farthest depths of the psyche. This extremely large book is composed of eleven drawings on handmade paper created with the Magma technique (Mixed and collage on paper) and ten poems written on acetates. It has a strongly sensorial quality.



















The Artist's Book is the seed that gave birth to the video and a new published book also called OtroMar -(M)Other Sea. To create them, the original drawings were digitally "sewn together" with a variety of photographic layers, in the Dreamscapes' style.

The book has been published by Manuscritos (Madrid), and was released on May 10, 2012 at the opening of the TransOnírico exhibition, which also coincided with the Premiere of the theatrical performance of The Strange Fruit (see News).













The video is 13 minutes long. The visual aspects were conceived and orchestrated by the artist, while the poems are read by Rosana Pastor, an actress who has won a Goya (the highest cinematographic award in Spain). The music was composed by Teresa Nuñez.

Each piece of this trilogy presents a different approach to the journey into the abyss first represented in the Artist's Book, thus generating a strange resonance between all three. There are also echos of OtroMar - (M)Other Sea in each Dreamscape since all of them have been elaborated from fragments of the original book. In this way, the recurring symbols are linked together in a dance of multiple mirrors.



                     OtroMar -(M)Other Sea The Artist's Book
  The Portal   Waves On Fire
The Banquet   The Crack
                             Drawing for the cover  
The artist's book
The artist's book



OtroMar  - 
  The Slepper, Digital Image   The Crack, Digital Image
  Cover, Digital Image   In the Deep, Digital Image
  Impenetrable Currents, Impenetrable Currents, Digital Image   Ancient Gods, Digital Image


 OtroMar -(M)Other Sea Video





Poems, Images, Script & Director:
Mercedes Vandendorpe

Rosana Pastor

Recording, Composition & Arrangements:
Teresa Nuñez

Director of Production:
Silvia Casanova

Oscar Vinader
Carlos Rozas

Audio visual Mounting:
Lucía Martínez

Xip Multimedia


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