The Strange Fruit

Dance Theatre

Nacimiento_ descubrimiento del Fruto
Nacimiento_ descubrimiento del Fruto

This theatrical montage is about the different stages of life. It is a three-fold piece, of which the first part is a Birth allegory. The awakening is provoked by a two-faced, moon-like character who reveals the fruit born out of the Tree of Life ( see the folding screen The Bridge).

The Seasons form the second part. Here, the Fruit occupies the centre of the character's world. Her advance through life is shown by the multiple variations in her feelings and emotions. The changes in the Mask of the Seasons mark the transitions through the four phases. The dancer embodies the awakening, the hopes, the atractions and fears of the Fruit Woman, while she herself stands absolutely still. Two musicians (a violonist and a guitarist), also on stage, interpret the Fruit’s feelings through their music, thus creating an intense dialogue with the dancer.


Pictures: Julia Casesnoves

Mascara Estaciones, Otoño (detalle)
Mascara Estaciones, Verano, (detalle)
Mascara Estaciones, Invierno, (detalle)


Despertar de las Emociones: Primavera
Emociones: Invierno
Emociones: Invierno

The third part is about Maturity. Tthe folding screen turns to present its second face: The Abyss, thus marking the turning point, and the Fruit bends her attention inward, triggering a process of transformation. The offstage music gets us deftly towards the culminating end.




Madurez: desenmascarando al Fruto
Madurez: reconocimiento de las Emociones

 Teaser for The Strang Fruit

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