TransOnírico is an ongoing creative project that brings together different artistic mediums: painting, poetry, digital art, the performing arts and video. From this spiralling process a symbolic lexicon emerges which is revisited and renewed with each new piece of art. Certain symbols develop into particularly fertile matrices, and they become the Ariadne's thread that guides our exploration into the multimedia labyrinth.

This project focuses on the dialogue between Inside and Outside.

The External Axis is primarily represented by the paintings and drawings that form the Magma series. Materials are selected for their symbolic resonance. These artworks are inspired mainly by the Unconscious and the ideas of Flux and Random Occurrence. Some of them incorporate collage, which then serves as an anchor for decoding the image.

The Internal Axis is most often expressed by artworks that require digital elaboration, like video or digital images. The pieces that have a photographic finish form the Dreamscape series. They vary from medium to large formats, and are mounted behind a methacrylate screen. Dreamscapes are created by interlacing small fragments of the Magma series with photographic elements that are generally revisited pixel by pixel.
These ethereal landscapes serve as a virtual space in which the artist can dialogue with some of the symbols that interest her the most, thus causing them to evolve and mutate.




for the




  The Lamp,the Fall, Digital image
                             The Gorge, Digital image   
Winter's Lullaby, Drawing
  Gone, Digital image


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